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"Tom Cabrera is a percussionist of striking depth. An in- demand jazz drummer who made a specialty of the percussion family known as frame drums, Cabrera has constructed a drum set which sports riq, tar, dumbeq, bodhran and various assorted percussives, about a small bass drum and hi-hats. With a sonic ouvre that ranges from the quaking to the sublime, Tom carries the band's rhythmicity in the best harmelodic fashion. Silences (the sort described by John Cage) feature into his wave of sounds. Cabrera can also be seen playing a more standard drum set with The Julie Lyon Quartet and others."  New Masses Media Relations

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"Juli'e husband, Tom Cabrera is a masterful drummer. He is one of the few I've heard who can pull off an intelligent drm solo that doesn't get on my nerves. Some drummers forget that the traps are a musical instrument not for macho posturing and banging with sticks"  Rick Grant, Entertaining U

" Tom Cabrera's drumming evokes mental images of Maynard  G. Krebs standing by, fingers snapping, grin wreathing, Fu Manchu'ed face..."    Mark S. Turner, Acoustic

"Cabrera's kit contains dumbek, frame drum and riq but his playing doesn't trade on exoticism. Rather, he uses the sonic qualities of each sparingly to create shifting patterns out of texture and implication."  Bill Meyer, DOWNBEAT

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