Tom Cabrera's life behind the drums began in 1964 with a gift of a pair of drum sticks from a neighbor who was a drum student.  Private lessons came soon after though Cabrera considers himself primarily self-taught.


In addition to being an incomparable jazz drummer, Cabrera is an adept world percussionist often adding to the proceedings instruments from all over the planet particularly the middle-east.  A native of Long Island, NY, drummer and multi-percussionist Tom Cabrera began his career in local rock, folk and pop groups but his love of jazz shifted his focus and studies strongly in that direction.  A visual artist as well, he initially pursued a career as a photo-retoucher and spent 18 years in the field.  His musical pursuits continued, however, and he became a mainstay in the Hudson Valley, NY jazz scene., gigging from NYC to Woodstock . Cabrera relocated to Orlando, FL in 1995 but not before acquiring a frame drum, an event that proved to be auspicious to his future work.  In Florida Tom gigged constantly establishing himself as one of the most respected players on the jazz scene.  After meeting his future wife, vocalist Julie Lyon, they went on to form the Julie Lyon Quartet, a swinging ensemble and released two albums:  Beginning to See the Light and Live:  Between Then and Now.  The quartet and Tom's own trio performed all over the state.  


Tom and Julie settled back in the NY metropolitan area and assembled a quintet of remarkable musicians for their Unseen Rain release Julie (UR9957).  

Cabrera performs regularly with Julie Lyon's Quintet and Large Ensemble, SUMARI, The Matt Lavelle Quartet, The 12 Houses Orchestra, The Rocco John Quartet and Jack DeSalvo 's Trio and Quartet ,the quintets ZONE and Quintrepid and  the quartet, Circle Four, He has appeared on over fifty recordings on Unseen Rain Records and Woodshedd Records, including two as a leader.



Tom is also a visual artist and  many of his paintings grace the covers of Unseen Rain and Woodshedd releases. His paintings can be seen and purchased here.